Bringing home two little kittens.

February 24th, 2018, Saturday. 


My dear friend, Vijayetai Rajkumari, meaning Warrior Princess who has been ever so kind, asked me to adopt her newly born kitts. This is an epilogue and this happened on the cold winters of January. That is when they were born. Meaning they are Capricorns, which I am too.

So finally, after getting my very first motorbike, after getting into a relationship with an actual lady, I now have a new phase in my life, occuring yet once again, in a very short span of time.

Vijayeta’s father has arranged for an Imperial Blue wine carrying box for the cats to be taken away and her mother was quite not sad to bid adieu to the quite not approved kittens. I went there to receive them with my cousin Naajia and her boyfriend Nepolin. Yes, that’s exactly his name and no, it’s not Napolean. My younger sister has a really weird sense of humour.

I was introduced to them at the absence of their mother who was gently carried off to another room for a light snack. I had already seen them in WhatsApp images. A blact Bombay cat and a  brown Dragon Li. Goes without saying that they are hybrids. 

I met them at the balcony and Vijy pointed them out. She said the bigger black cat was her’s, to which, I assumed him to be the father. 

All three cats were eating milk with rice in two bowls. I gently interfered (ūü§ó oops! ) and lifted both of them one by one and then proceeded to lift their meal as well. I put the bowl inside the box and was rafey to take the delivery home.

We bid farewell and moved out. As we were in Nepo’s car enroute to his home where I had kept my bike, I heard an iPhone ringing. It was definitely not mine. It must be Nepo’s. Or Naajia’s. Both of them had it. I was the soul Motorola user who felt poor at that moment, besides the cat. Suddenly, Nepolin asked me to check my pocket as the sound was coming from the back seat. And there it was, I had an iPhone too. But it was never mine. Vijayeta’s boyfriend called me to ask me how I was out of no-fucking-where and asked me if her phone was with me. I was then convinced that I have done a convicting crime of stealing an iPhone. We told her that we were going back and I ordered Nepo to take the next turn to go back to her place and return it before she files a police complaint against me. After I did the needful we continued to take the cats away.


The Illusion of Separation.

Right after we were born and the umbilical cord was cut, we were specified as a male or a female being, we we’re given a name and of course if our parents happened to follow a religion we were presented with our very first gift, religion. We grow up learning things as they come, enjoy the comfort, learn to lie, get into a school, make friends and you know your story.

A matrix of instincts are formed in this process based on our intuition, the source of which are governed by two major factors:

1. Our upbringing; influenced by our beloved family and friends.

2. Our judgement of acceptance and forbearance.

A third undeniable factor is our exposure to media which acts as a catalyst to keep us amalgamated in the matrix.

Knowing this, ask yourself, what am I?

Will this answer affix you to the matrix or will you break yourself free from it and see what lies beyond it?

You must be unique! But the other 7 billion people are also unique in their own special way. This means that your thoughts about yourself have no life value when we look at the bigger picture (unless you possess the power of reading and controlling everyone’s mind like Charles Xavier from the X-Men). 

Dissecting furthermore into the physical properties, we see that we have a body made of matter. Matter which cannot be created or destroyed and only transforms from one form to another. 

You are not 25 or 75 years old; you are 14 billion years old. You have always existed and will continue to do so. You, the people around you, the walls in your room and this phone alike, have always existed in some form, until time came to reunite you. 

Ain’t that cute!

We become a separate entity the moment we start distinguishing ourselves for what we are. That is the birth of our ego. If your intelligence is a knife ready to dissect opinions, your ego is the hand that holds the knife. The way you dissect is entirely upon you. It can be graceful or it can be artless.

A subtle synchronicity underlines all guidelines. The universe is aware of you just as much as you are aware of it. You are not a part of this universe. You are the universe becoming aware of itself.

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Change is the only constant.

Realize, that you’re under no obligation to stay the person you were ten minutes ago. 

The mind is the most fascinating object of interpretation. Interpretation, which leads us to dissect the object with intelligence, gained in the yesteryears. This intelligence is the basic source of  the intuition you have acquired over a certain period of time engaged in an emotional situation.

It is akin to a knife holder dissecting a tomato. The tomato is the object and you, dear, happen to be the person dissecting the object with your judgement based on mere intuition.

The emotional attachments we have is a crystal clear image of what we are. It is you. It is what makes you, YOU. It is inconsiderate of belief systems,  of judgements and principles. No matter what you agree or disagree upon, your truth is your reality, and the best part is that it is what you believe it to be.

So, establish your intentions, the rest will follow the course.

#peace #love


Chords of Life #1

Take a line from a song that you love or connect with. Now forget the song, and turn that line into the title or inspiration for your post.

Let us take the song Fix You by Coldplay for an example:

It says:

“High up above or down below
When you’re too in love to let it go
If you never try you’ll never know
Just what you’re worth”.


What comes to your mind when you hear this word? Choose anything, family, friends, a specific person, a particular hobby, another living being, perhaps food or anything  else that is worthy and deserving of your attention.

Once this is known, I believe the next question is, how long can we love with it? This limit of time can range from an instant feeling of ecstacy to a never ending eternity.

The correct judgement of these two questions determine the level of peace within oneself. The ups and downs come bundled in a beautifully wrapped gift box called Love. As curiosity prevails in our DNA, we feel that if we never try, we’ll never know.

The leap of faith is all we can take. Either we will love it or we won’t. There is no try, now.

And so, we surrender to it.

The outcome synchronizes with our  intent and judgement, giving us a crystal clear image of our worth. It is not a question of correct or incorrect judgement, rather it is a matter which is acceptable or not.

Live that moment. Know yourself a tad bit more.

“Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you”.


Thank you for your precious time.

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WP#01 Who am I?

I is a one letter word but it is an important word. The very meaning of life is to know the meaning of this word. To know oneself, to find oneself, to be honest and fair minded at the hardest times is the meainng of I.
I am unique, just like everyone else. I see the world like you cannot because our paths were never the same.
I believe that everyone has their own journey. When i open my mind and heart to things that i have never experienced before, i can finally understand what it is like to be in someone else’s shoes. Everyday i see different people around me and i try to see the world around them; the people they are talking to, the way they behave, the words they use, from their point of view and think of handling their situations if i were them.¬† I thus get a new perspective of life. I understand how deeply they can love and how strongly they can hate, and i realize the extents we humans can go to protect our feelings. After all, my feelings are who i am.